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Flat roof repairs and installations to ensure you’re protected from the weather all year round


Flat roofs can often be an ideal option for both home and commercial properties, particularly where outbuildings or large structures are concerned. They can be a more cost effective means of roofing than other roofing options, meaning both installation and maintenance are often more affordable. They may also be a particularly effective means of opening up more internal space. For example, interior space can be increased for attic or loft extensions in homes by considering flat roofing rather than sloped.


It’s important to choose the right roofing specialist if you’re considering installing a new flat roof. With the right preparation and planning you can avoid common issues such as ponding, cracking, blistering, and excessive movement. Many of these can lead to structural issues further down the line.


Do I need to repair my flat roof?


All flat roofs have a limited lifespan, usually within the region of 10 to 20 years. You should not ignore roof problems at your home or commercial property, as it could be storing up potential problems such as rotting timbers, damp and structural decay. These can occur both with poorly installed flat roofs, or as flat roofs age. In many cases we can repair damage, but on occasions we may advise that you consider a re-installation. In either case, our technicians can assess your roof and advise on the most appropriate way forwards.


We work in highest standards and all new roofs come with 10 year INSURED guarantee, which means you are covered even if we cease trading. Whether you’re looking for a flat roof repair or a new installation, we offer a FREE no obligation assessment and quotation, just enter your details in our ‘contact us’ page and we will arrange for one of our roofing technicians to visit and assess your roofing needs.

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Flat roof windows are available in many sizes to ensure that all rooms can benefit from natural daylight.

Fascia & Soffits

We supply and fit PVC facias, soffits and bargeboards plain or vented for a range of applications.

Lead Flashing and Gullys

Roof repairs can be expensive. We fit lead flashings and gullies to preserve your roof and reduce damage.